Monday, July 28, 2008

iPhone is new again

Ok so you may have heard that there is a new iPhone 3G out there. Well I have the 2G and upgraded to the new 2.0 software. I was not interested in upgrading to 3G as I did not think I would be that needy of faster internet at a cost of less battery life and more bucks to ATT. 

But I must say with the upgrade it is like getting a new iPhone. The addition of the Application store and the changes to the way you can delete multiple mail messages at a time is way cool. The phone is almost like carrying a computer in my pocket. Well technically it IS a computer in my pocket as the phone uses a mobile version of the Leopard operating system. This phone / computer is a very nice convenience.  
I guess you could call it a convenient computer.. But then it is limited to what you can do with it, not quite like carrying your laptop around. 

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