Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost in time....

I am a good bit impressed with season 5 so far of the best show on T.V. Lost is really gripping and this season does not seem to be dragging along but is edge of seat good.
I think that good ol' Faraday told Charlotte that he loved her just to give her a constant so she would not die. I hope it works because I want to know more of her character and why she was on the island before, (as implied by her look of wonder and the 'I shure missed this place' gaze around when she first parachuted onto the island). And why she wanted to go back so badly.
I also want to know what Ben meant when he told Jack to pack everything he held dear in a suitcase because he was never coming back. I guess the island really does need a Dr. full time.
OK well not much else to say, so....

Until next time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost and a crazy little dog.

Here we are again and it is mid January, Lost gets going again in only 2 more days.. Can't wait for that. Last season the island was moved, although we do not know where; moved in time or moved to another location in it's current time... Well we will have wait until Wednesday to see...

On another note iMac was sleeping the other night after he got 'tucked in' with his blanket and he fell asleep on his nose! Check it out...

That dog is crazy, but in February he will be 9 years old so he is getting up there for a dogs life. Wow I guess if you buy into the 7 to 1 year thing he is middle aged in dog years. I don't know I think he is slowing a bit but sure still has a ton of energy.
OK enough for this time. See you all next time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

No more iPhone fun

So I am no longer working as an iPhone support technician, it was a fun job but it also got hard to handle at times, I was made a product specialist and after that I had to listen to more angry people complain about their iPhone or the service they were receiving from Apple or from AT&T.
But don't get me wrong, the experience was a great one and I do enjoy telephone customer service work so it gave me a new job skill and that is always a good thing. I also met some great people and that is always a good thing too!, and I also still own my own iPhone and continue to use it and have fun with it as well. It is a rather remarkable device which I heard from every 4th caller or so throughout my tenure at Apple/Volt.
Working over the phone helping people troubleshoot also taught me a ton of patience with helping people with computer issues, when you cannot see the computer or device that you are troubleshooting then you have to depend on the person to read you waht they see over the phone which develops in you a ton of patience. I can get trying at times but I never felt stressed at work on my job, only occasionally stressed over a customer that was computer illiterate.
So the new chapter is starting, God is in control and I am not worried about work, that is not to say that I am not concerned about it but you see there is a fine line between concern and worry and so I pray and give my worries over to the Lord of my life who, by the way, is Jesus Christ. If you do not know Him or want to know Him better please just ask me and I will be happy to introduce you or re-introduce you to Him.
Well I guess that is all for today, have a wonderful day and thanks for reading....