Thursday, December 15, 2011

Internet slang and Christmas

Abbreviations: There are a lot of them used today in texting or social media and in chat rooms accross the internet, why is it that people seem to want to always take shortcuts? I am guilty of this myself but I always try to keep from using them as much as possible because I like to keep in practice with my typing. I am a 6 finger typist, three fingers per hand and most of the time I have to look at the keyboard when I type. I can type about 35 wpm this way and I know that if I learned to type in the proper fashion I could be much faster... OK enough of the ranting, let's get on to the fun of this post.
What do these abbreviations all mean? Well here is a small list of them thanks to Wikipedia:
First let's look at the definition according to Wiki:
Internet slang (Internet short-hand, netspeak or chatspeak) is a type of slang that Internet users have popularized, and in many cases, have coined. Such terms often originate with the purpose of saving keystrokes. Many people use the same abbreviations in texting and instant messaging, and social networking websites.
OK so what are some of them and what do they all mean? Here is my short list:
LOL = Laughing Out Loud or Laugh Out Loud
BRB = Be Right Back
TTYL = Talk To You Later
TTYLG = Talk To You Later Gator
WTG = Way To Go
GDWYBS = Get Down With Your Bad Self
AKA = Also Known As
L8ER = Later
L@U = Laughing At You
ROFLOL = Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud

There are of course many, many others but there is one that seems to have been forgotten, it is WWJD and it means 'What Would Jesus Do'? Well I will tell you what He did do. He came down out of heaven, leaving glory and prominence to be born as a human child, live a short 33 year life and then suffer for our sins and die for us, then be raised up in Glory and sit at the right hand of God. Just remember what Christ-mas is all about and that taking keyboard shortcuts is OK. But hey Christ did not take any shortcuts... :) Have a great Christmas!


John said...

I am grateful that Jesus took no shortcuts!

French Toast said...

Good thoughts French Toast! That is indeed a "shortcut" we've forgotten. I think for a period of time there it got used and abused though, which is why I stopped using it.

Tim in CA. said...

@French Toast (AKA David) I agree with you there. I think it has also gotten abused.
@John totally agree with you on that.

Unknown said...

PTL for a good post. GMTA. TFS your thoughts. TLK2UL8R

Ally said...

Nice hook w/getting the reader's attention w/shortcuts then segwaying into the meaning of Christmas...good thoughts, good work, Tim! Gives pause for good thought! Ally :) Merry Christmas!!

Ally said...

Liked the way you intro'd the blog and then segwayed into your real meaning and thesis! Good blog, Tim...Merry Christmas my friend!! Ally :)