Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost in time....

I am a good bit impressed with season 5 so far of the best show on T.V. Lost is really gripping and this season does not seem to be dragging along but is edge of seat good.
I think that good ol' Faraday told Charlotte that he loved her just to give her a constant so she would not die. I hope it works because I want to know more of her character and why she was on the island before, (as implied by her look of wonder and the 'I shure missed this place' gaze around when she first parachuted onto the island). And why she wanted to go back so badly.
I also want to know what Ben meant when he told Jack to pack everything he held dear in a suitcase because he was never coming back. I guess the island really does need a Dr. full time.
OK well not much else to say, so....

Until next time.

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Ally said...

Tim! I absolutely love your blog...sharing your thoughts and life experiences thru Grandma's chix and dumplins and more :) That lemon tea bread looks really good...actually I'd luv the it's simple, and know it's refreshing to bite in to! Keep it coming...I'm a fan!!