Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost and a crazy little dog.

Here we are again and it is mid January, Lost gets going again in only 2 more days.. Can't wait for that. Last season the island was moved, although we do not know where; moved in time or moved to another location in it's current time... Well we will have wait until Wednesday to see...

On another note iMac was sleeping the other night after he got 'tucked in' with his blanket and he fell asleep on his nose! Check it out...

That dog is crazy, but in February he will be 9 years old so he is getting up there for a dogs life. Wow I guess if you buy into the 7 to 1 year thing he is middle aged in dog years. I don't know I think he is slowing a bit but sure still has a ton of energy.
OK enough for this time. See you all next time.

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