Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday dinner...

So this week was my 47th birthday and it was a good one. We had a good standing rib roast, it was very good and I am thankful that friends came and we all had a good time. This is it before it went into the oven. We carved it up too fast to take a after picture! Oh well...

A couple of friends and I rented 3 movies on Sunday, one of them was 'Horrible Bosses'. It is a very bad movie, lots of foul language and just junk. We turned it off after 20 minutes and I would not recommend that movie to anyone, lesson learned.

I took my friend to the train station after the movie night as he is going home to visit with his folks, on the way we discussed favorite stuff and one of the questions we asked one another was; 'what was your favorite sermon?' I have a couple but none would come to mind at the moment. But after thinking about it further I would have to say it was a sermon I heard about a guy's salvation and deliverance from a bad way of life. I won't go into the details but the hope that this guy had was incredible. His life is changed forever by Christ. I am glad that I have a saving relationship with Him and that it is a life changing relationship. God changes your heart when you trust in Him.

I was reading about Landau E. Murphy Jr.'s appearance at the West Virginia Governor Tomblin Inauguration and how he sang. He has such a great voice, I am glad to because we needed another crooner. Go Landau!

Well that is about it for this time. Hope you all have a good week and as Landau says: "stay positive".

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